Featured Poem: “Recovery & Surrender,” published in Narrative


Recovery & Surrender

And God was in the morning God was.

Speak to me with your mouth closed
the hands are speaking something doing fire and lines.

The next thing was the refinement of the other:
a man tied mouth and tongue to a mute metal chair.

The kitchen around the corner yellow formica
stepping inside there I could see my own painted toes.

Dirt lived on the floor there,
it mingled and multiplied. Rode dangerous rides.

Through the kitchen window there’s God as a line next to the mountaintop.
All the while man tied hums and gasps and chokes and mules.

I wish I could say I didn’t love him
but I love every man as a brother, every woman as a sister.

A television cracked I knew what was on it
something old something sweet something I Love Lucy.

So will you untie me? the man asked, speaking with his mouth closed.

Out there in here God exists in fire and lines.

I had not made those knots.
The man had done them himself, living out his long childhood as an adult.

God was in the house then,
God was surrounding the chair, leaves flourishing from a sickly tree.

I stepped into the kitchen yellow formica table dust floor
where I could hear but not see.

The muteness rose into song, and songbirds, then—
wings tapped gently against the window as they lifted off,
upward into fire and line.




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